Project industry

Flexible and fast delivery

From components for stand construction to exclusive yacht building: the applications in the project industry range widely, as do the requirements placed on it. Think of Impact resistance, durability and UV resistance, for example, and cost efficiency and delivery speed. However, they all have one thing in common: searching for consistent quality in a high-quality design.

It starts with choosing the proper series of pre-treatments, which can be optimally adapted to the product’s properties and application. It is done before the products receive their final KTL primer layer, whether or not combined with powder coating. In addition, numerous additional services are available to simplify processes further.

Services we provide

KTL / e-coat

Efficient, environmentally friendly and high-quality coatings

Powder coating

A strong base, infinite finishing options



Effectively remove unevenness and rust



A nice flat and smooth surface


Simplify processes, save on costs


Per piece, per 100 and even with a ribbon around it


Deliver where, how and when it is needed


Discover the convenience of external stock management