Robust as it should be

After the US, the Netherlands is the largest exporter of agricultural and horticultural products worldwide. Good ‘tools’ are essential to continue to meet the increasing demand. Much is expected of the often large farming machines and their parts. They must be robust, withstand rough treatment and last a long time. And if possible, as sustainable as possible. NFB is also familiar with this field.

Treatment may consist of blasting or pickling products, followed by Kathodische Tauch Lackierung (electrophoretic deposition) or KTL for short. It includes a pre-treatment of various degreasing, rinsing, phosphating and passivation, after which the products get their final primer layer. Powder coating is also an option for which we select a series of pre-treatments that suits the product. Other services such as assembly, logistics and warehousing, complete the picture.

Services we provide

KTL / e-coat

Efficient, environmentally friendly and high-quality coatings

Powder coating

A strong base, infinite finishing options



Effectively remove unevenness and rust



A nice flat and smooth surface


Simplify processes, save on costs


Per piece, per 100 and even with a ribbon around it


Deliver where, how and when it is needed


Discover the convenience of external stock management