Fast shifting, repetitive quality

Another industry that is currently shifting at the speed of lightning is that of e-bikes. For example, nearly 550,000 electric bicycles were sold in 2020, over 30% more than the year before*. Moreover, no less than half of all new two-wheelers are now electric, and e-bikes account for 75% of the industry’s turnover. In addition, you now need to wait for six months for your new bike due to the growing demand.

So there is still plenty of work for e-bike manufacturers. Of course, all these parts must be manufactured and coated, such as the casing, protective caps and gears. NFB has gained extensive experience in this area. Think of pre-treatment, the actual cataphoresis painting (KTL/e-coating), and powder coating.

* Source: Annual figures research bureau GfK commissioned by RAI Association and BOVAG

Services we provide

KTL / e-coat

Efficient, environmentally friendly and high-quality coatings

Powder coating

A strong base, infinite finishing options



Effectively remove unevenness and rust



A nice flat and smooth surface


Simplify processes, save on costs


Per piece, per 100 and even with a ribbon around it


Deliver where, how and when it is needed


Discover the convenience of external stock management