Tons of Watts, fast and flexible

The demand for solar panels is increasing rapidly, as is the number of suppliers. There is no indication that this trend is coming to an end, making quality and longevity all the more critical. It all starts with the installation that uses solar clips, clamps and wind deflectors.

Solar panels must be able to withstand extreme conditions. After all, they are subject to wind and weather, and temperatures of +40°C to -25°C are no exceptions. Surface temperatures are often even higher or lower. The material must be able to withstand this and, of course, also the pre-treatment and painting. NFB Coating provides that robust basis. Whether via cataphoresis paints (KTL e-coating) or powder coating, we offer a perfect finish.

Services we provide

KTL / e-coat

Efficient, environmentally friendly and high-quality coatings

Powder coating

A strong base, infinite finishing options



Effectively remove unevenness and rust



A nice flat and smooth surface


Simplify processes, save on costs


Per piece, per 100 and even with a ribbon around it


Deliver where, how and when it is needed


Discover the convenience of external stock management