Sheet metal

High-quality finish

Sheet metal processing is a wide-ranging operation. It is used in various sectors such as the food industry, agriculture and horticulture, the process industry, transport sector and machine construction. In all these cases, sheet metal work is custom work. The application and circumstances determine which specific influences the sheets must be resistant to.

The coating process can consist of pre-treatments such as degreasing, rinsing, phosphating, and passivation before getting their final primer layer with cataphoresis lacquers (KTL/e-coating). We understand that requirements vary as each product may have its pre-treatment process. Of course, this also applies to powder coating, which is one of our services.

Services we provide

KTL / e-coat

Efficient, environmentally friendly and high-quality coatings

Powder coating

A strong base, infinite finishing options



Effectively remove unevenness and rust



A nice flat and smooth surface


Simplify processes, save on costs


Per piece, per 100 and even with a ribbon around it


Deliver where, how and when it is needed


Discover the convenience of external stock management