How we work

Expressing expectations

Every assignment* starts with expressing expectations. During an initial meeting, you provide us with as much relevant information as possible. In this way, we both know exactly where we stand, what requirements there are, and within what schedule and budget everything has to be realized to handle your assignment correctly in one go.

If you supply data, consider, for example:

  • a complete drawing (preferably with a step file or a 3D file);
  • dimensions;
  • the material and any additives;
  • weight;
  • standards;
  • desired start date trial production;
  • start date of series production;
  • desired delivery date;
  • wishes regarding pre-treatment (e.g. pickling or blasting);
  • a cover or no cover;
  • visibility requirements and application;
  • annual series and delivery series;
  • additional requirements in assembly, packaging or logistics.

We realize that there are many things to think about, but the result is that we can make a complete quotation without surprises afterwards.

* We are good at producing in series, repetitive assignments as well as sizeable productions. Unfortunately, single-piece production does not fit within our processes, so we regret we cannot accommodate you with that.

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